LIFE, OIL by Fauwk, 2019

LIFE, OIL by Fauwk, 2019

A 30″x20″ ready to print photo of dry leaves representing life, which ends in winter to soon be reborn again.

Style: Oil paint
Image size: 9034 x 6000 (30″x20″ or 75cm X 50cm)
Resolution: 300.00 Pixel per inch
Color mode: sRGB
File type: JPG 100% quality
File size: 52971493 bytes (50 MiB)
Image file checksum: SHA256 C4CB6C586935E7C2D8DD0FB7A8736200E005EDDF47B33E866B423BEF4F80E6B5

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Date created: 2019-05-24
Updated: 2022-02-19
Creator: Fauwk
Copyright by Fauwk

Camera Information
Model: NIKON D90
Focal Length: 105.00mm (157mm in 35mm)
Exposure: 1/200 sec; f/5.6; ISO 200, Normal program; Pattern metering
Flash: No flash