Terms of Use & Copyright

This General Copyright Release Form (“Form”) is issued by Fauwk (“Author”) in relation to the purchased Fauwk’s NFT and Fauwk’s Artwork (collectively: NFT Artwork) within the Ethereum blockchain. Hereby I, the Author, certify the originality, uniqueness and authenticity of the purchased NFT Artwork.

Subject to the continued compliance with the Terms of Use and Copyright (“Terms”) as published on the www.fauwk.com website (“Site”), the Author grant to the Purchaser the unlimited, worldwide, exclusive license to use the purchased NFT Artwork for any private or commercial use. The granted exploitation rights include but are not limited the following: (a) print, copy or duplicate in any physical, digital or another already existing method, (b) distribution, (c) public performance, (d) exhibition, display, (f) any kind and for of communication to the public, online, on demand, and kind of streaming, any type of transmission, (e) derivation, adaptation, (f) commercial sales, including exploitation in promotions and commercials, (g) use in any audiovisual work, (h) publishing in digital or print, (i) using in compilations of works, (j) secondary merchandising (mugs, T-shirts, other items and products).

Under this Terms it is understood that the NFT Artworks retain their authorship, hence the Author should be credited in every use of the purchased NFT Artwork. The purchaser should make the name of the Author, “Fauwk” appear during the exploitation of the NFT Artworks as “created by Fauwk”, or simply “by Fauwk”
Purchaser is not entitled to use and exploit the NFT Artwork under his/her/its/their own name, either real name or alias and shall not make the public assume that the Purchaser is the author of the used NFT Artwork, not even in the event of a derivative work or any adaptation, neither in case of partial use.

The Author stipulate that the Purchaser shall respect the original purposes of the purchased NFT Artwork and is prohibited to use the NFT Artworks and its derivatives, if there are any, or to permit the use of the NFT Artworks and its derivatives, if there are any, for harmful or defamatory purposes, for violent, terrorist or racist purposes, and shall not be used (or licensed to be used) in connection with hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or anything else that could reasonably be found to constitute hate speech or otherwise infringe upon the rights of others, including animals.

It shall be acknowledged and understood that by the purchase of the NFT Artworks, only and exclusively the NFT Artwork is purchased, and in no event it shall be interpreted or understood that the purchase includes or transfers IP (intellectual property) rights.

The Purchaser is entitled to assign/transfer the ownership of the purchased NFT only in the Ethereum Main blockchain.