Goose Bumps #2, 2019

GOOSE BUMPS #2 by Fauwk

A 16″x20″ ready to print photo of Fauwk’s wife Carol excited, with goose bumps.

Tags: legs; woman; wife; ass; skirt; B&W
Image size: 4800 x 6000 (16″x20″ or 40.54cm X 50.8cm)

Resolution: 300.00 Pixel per inch
Color mode: Grayscale
File type: JPG 100% quality
File size: 25283806 bytes (24 MiB)
Image file checksum: SHA256 6E48E2A20121E3958C5A0ED77FED07189143B57F151E320236E2D96BC6885D09

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Date created: 2019-07-15
Updated: 2022-02-16
Creator: Fauwk
Copyright by Fauwk

Camera Information
Model: NIKON D5100
Focal Length: 35.00mm (50mm in 35mm)
Exposure: 1/400 sec; f/2.8; ISO 200, Normal program; Pattern metering
Flash: No flash