Wild Wife Portrait #1, 2019

Wild Wife Portrait #1 by Fauwk

A 20″x30″ ready to print photo of Fauwk’s wife Carol.

Tags: woman; wife; hair; breasts; B&W
Image size: 6000 x 9000 (20″x30″)

Resolution: 300.00 Pixel per inch
Color mode: Grayscale
File type: JPG 100% quality
File size: 42377867 bytes (40 MiB)
Image file checksum: SHA256 B1EADD317DB8DAB9CB9A5A3D4EF334EB15CA534691A60F4E59CE884F7CC6F5B7

Opensea collection URL: https://opensea.io/collection/sensualwife
Collection website: https://www.sensualwife.com
Author’s website: https://www.fauwk.com

Date created: 2019-11-28
Updated: 2022-02-16
Creator: Fauwk
Copyright by Fauwk

Camera Information
Model: NIKON D5100
Focal Length: 35.00mm (52mm in 35mm)
Exposure: 1/30 sec; f/2; ISO 1250, Normal program; Pattern metering
Flash: No flash